Sunday, 8 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment thumbnails 19-27

Hellos! Hope everyone had a really good New Year and Christmas!! Here are a few more thumbnails looking at the play of mirrors and mise-en-abyme (thumbs 26 and 27) as I think it creates a different perspective and makes spaces confusing, repitition of places (thumbs 21-24) and the idea of getting lost like thumbnail 25. I came up with thumbnail 25 whislt on my way home, we had to go through some countrysides which haven't got many streetlights and to make things worse, there was heavy fog. Quickly I snapped a photo of it as an influence to the uncanny theme since it was the roads that I'm used to but with the heavy fog (which has rarely been this heavy!!) and limited lighting could maybe create something unsecure?

Also thumbnail 22 is set in a Chinese urn niche which I went to visit one of my relatives when I was younger, it is pretty much a collective place filled with urns of the deceased. At that time to me it was scary as the place is very dark as there were no windows and there's limited red lighting as a symbol of luck.

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  1. Hey Joey :) hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!! I have to say I'm liking thumbnails 24 and 27 - the confusion they bring. I love number 19!!!! I think this would be an interesting direction :)