Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment- concept art improvements

fig 1- tricycle

fig 2- tricycle in reflected mirror
Here are some improvements made on the concept art. Firstly I've changed the side walls to look like proper mirrors and change the generic lighting to a more recessed version. I've also added some cracks in the ceiling based on the movie, Repulsion suggested by Lev. I've now added some different kinds of kids toys that could be used to add in the uncanny effect. Somehow the darkness of the blacks looks much different but am not sure whether to revert them to its previous state as it looks dark, but kind of takes away the uncanny? I feel that the tipped- over tricycle infront of the mirror works best but having a tricycle at the refelcted mirror makes less effect. The kids beach ball works best as well but I feel it isn't as strong as the tricycle. I've also attepmted to add in creepy kids toys but they just look cute rather than creepy.  I'm also thinking of keeping the carpet design as it helps add in the confusions.
fig 3. beach ball

fig 4. creepy cat?

fig 5. creepy bunny toy?

fig 6. same again only surround black tones changed

fig 7. flower display

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  1. Jojo - just go for it! I like the trike on the carpet and I think you should let the trike reflect in the mirrors too - you've got the recipe there and I think you should lose the cracks too and just make the ceiling red and keep it simple. You must be up against it in terms of time now, so go, go, go and be decisive! :)