Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment- thumbs, frames and mirror placement

Faces display ornament

Here are some more thumbnails for the frames to go around the mirrors, personally I like numbers 1 and 2 as its more Kitsch style than the others as well as fitting into the theme of the endless- no exit room.

I've then created some thumbnails   for the display ornament to go with the scene. I thought of this as something for each side of the walls, a face to represent the negative emotions but then I've realised the sculpting for this on Maya would probably end up being too hard to make and not enough time to complete. 

Again below these are some thumbnails for the display ornaments like the creepy bunny and doll but somehow they've just ended up being not opposite and not creepy.
not creepy bunny

not so creepy doll

Lastly here are some more thumbnails sketches for the scene before my final was chosen which I hadn't realised they haven't been uploaded! :S 
Thumbnails sketches

Thumbnail sketches

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