Friday, 13 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment- possible concept design

Without side mirrors

With Side mirrors

Here is a "possible" concept art of my scene. I've still need to explore different objects that can create weird atmosphere and maybe the change of the floor patterns. The ball in the image is added in to add in the confusion of atmospheres. The things that needs changing in this image would be side mirrors as at the moment it looks more of a door than a mirror on the wall. I designed the wall patterns after looking at the image of a clown with a flower background that I've found which reminds me of William Morris work.
I've decided to use these colour combinations to help recognise where the reflections are coming from and I feel that these colours helps adds in the atmosphere of uneasiness especially with dull colours.

The wall pattern design

The Clown image


  1. Reminds me of the inside of the spaceship from 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' :)

  2. That's a compliment, Jojo! I think maybe you should give the light more thought - i.e. what kind of light it is - you've got it as a rather generic spotlight - maybe it could be a number of smaller recessed spotlights? Also, I think you should consider how your mirrors are framed, as that would help them describe them to the viewer as surfaces, not doorways.

  3. Looking good Joey :D and yeah I think an ambient light with a tint of colour could add to the uncanny feel, also framing the mirrors is vital in maya to make it believable!!

  4. I really did mean that as a compliment. 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' is the best self knowing B-movie I've ever seen and it really is uncanny :)

    You should watch it Joey, if you don't suffer from coulrophobia you certainly will after watching it :)

  5. Killer clowns from outer space is such a good film and yea your right this is much like something you would find in their ship. this is fab jo! keep up the good work!

    post more ^_^

  6. Woaw!! thanks everyone!! I've just seen the trailer of Killer Klowns from Space that Justin sent- its soo weird but it does look similar in a way to the concept art. I'm watching some clips of it at the mo to see if it could give me ideas on improving this!

    More to come!! ^_^