Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Narrative and Character: Anecdote Studios:FAO: Anecdote Studios Team- Alan Character settings

Guys, just a little note here on getting the "perfect expressions" if yous want it on the Alan model.

To find the Jaw Ctrl-its at the back of his head. I've put that and the eye ctrls (on the right) both indicated in yellow.

Just move the Jaw rotate to the digit written below and ta-da!!

(Sorry got carried away during rigging and thats how its ended up at the back of his head!!)

Please Note: The jaw rotate default for his mouth to close is -32. I dont know how that happened but  -32 is the number!

Numbers to  put under jaw rotate for the "perfect expression":

Eee                                      -                              -21.32
Uuu                                      -                              -12.1
Ooo                                     -                              -23
Mm/Bb                                -                              -32
Argh                                    -                              -6.17
Frown                                 -                              -32

Deafult Mouth Close      -                              -32

Also all the files and backup on the character are on the Dropbox folder under "Alan_Model". Let me know if theres any problems accessing them.

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