Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Character Design Project: Dragon Sidekick colour tests 2

Based on the feedback from Justin and TutorPhil, I've used a mixture of colours based on thumbnails 8, 11 and 13. I've mostly stuck to the greeny- blue or turqiouse colours and played around with each thumbnail either adding stripes or none. I also enlarged the wings a bit more as they seem to be too exaggeratedly small for a character that can only manage to lift itself a few inches off the ground for less than 30 secs. I like numbers 4,6,9, 11 and 14 at the moment. I've also included the character using the colour thumbnails I llike with the villain and hero characters together to see what it would be like as a trio. 


  1. hmm - I think you've actually got to stay way from those jade green colours, because it's too close to the skin tone of your villain, don't you think? Seeing them all together like that really makes it clear. Now I'm thinking that your dragon might have to be in the red zone - as red as number 14 perhaps? Can you put another trio together and this time avoid all the colours present in the villain's ensemble?

    1. Ah! You've got me there too quick Phil! Sorry I've only just noticed your comment after putting up the latest changes on the colour of the little guy. I agree, they're too close with the alien but okie dokie, I'll try it out with the red one. :D