Thursday, 20 December 2012

Character Design Project: Dragon Sidekick colour tests 4

After comparing the colours with the hero and villain, it was decided that the dragon should have a different colour as it seemed too similar to the alien villain. So from TutorPhil's feedback on changing the colour to a bright red, here I have made the changes also changing slightly the hues and stripes as well as including them with the hero and villain for comparison minus thumbnails 6,7,12 and 13 as they seemed "not fit".

1 comment :

  1. Morning Jojo - hmmm, of all of them, I'm thinking 14, but red doesn't feel quite right either - it just makes him feel a bit like a little devil. You know, perhaps he's got to be white, with an accent colour on his chest and wings? A bit like Uni from Dungeons and Dragons?