Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Character Design Project: Week 9

Today, we've focused on environments that would act as "a character" leading up to the other characters. We've learnt how these environemts can be easily manipulated by tones, angles etc to give another emotion. So for today we've been tasked with two randomized environments and draw them, also giving a back story to them. I've got a "civilized star ship" which instantly I thought of "Dr.Spock meets super posh room". I've looked at some futuristic interiors and came up with 6 thumbnails. After checking them with Justin, it was noted that it appears to be two different genres in one room and that it should be blended and the room to be expanded other than just a room. So for the rest of the thumbnails, I've looked at more modern furniture and added some distorted shapes to give it a more sci-fi civilized room.

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