Friday, 7 December 2012

Character Design Project: Dragon sidekick colour tests

Here are some colour tests on my sidekick dragon. I'm only playing around with colours at the minute to find one that would balance out with the hero and the villains colours, like a neutral colour. So far I am liking numbers 8,9 11 and 13.

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  1. 8 and 13 are my favourite. Although i like the green of 11 and 13, blue is not a colour that is represented by either Hero or Villain yet, so it may help to set it out. Perhaps something a little more muted, or more greeny blue. I also think the lighter patches should be another colour rather than a light blue (the white/blue combination is making it look too emotionally cold. Also 13 and 11 look bird like - the orange nose looks more like a beak, than a dragons nose.Maybe try one with the same coloured nose as the body.

    Are you intending this character to fly at all? The wings are cosmetic here- so you may think of making the wings slightly larger.

    Nice work!