Saturday, 22 December 2012

Character Design Project: Dragon Sidekick Colour Tests 6

Just another few colour tests that I've gathered from playing around with the hues and saturations using the last post's colour scheme. I've also added these along with the whole characters for comparison and what works well and what doesn't. :D

Pale Orange 
With group
Pale/ Baby Blue
With group

Old previous test using the colours from colour test 4


  1. for me, it's pale orange number 7 - because when's he's got a different coloured beak, he starts to look more like a baby duck - otherwise, I think that colour range really associates him with Odin and warmth and goodness. I'd be interested in what others think - but for me, it's 'pale orange number 7' :)

  2. For me, the last set of colours has a lot more zing. I really like 10, with perhaps some other shapes on the ears or body in the darker belly tone. Very nice!

    1. Hey Justin, thanks for your feedback, but I'm slightly a bit confused! By last set of colours do you mean the red set or the blue set? Its because the red set was from a previous post I did. Sorry! :)