Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Narrative and Character: Anecdote Studios: Some Script Ideas

Just some script ideas that I've came up with during these few days.

Synopsis ideas:
1.       Possibly a character is reading off a leaflet about the bomb threat that’s about to come, but can’t able to have those things listed. He instead finds whatever things that’ll work similar to the leaflet such as getting a bomb helmet meaning he’ll get a tortoise over his head instead.

2.       A bomb alert is hoisted signaling all to be ready for the explosion. A guy panics as he’s limited with time, runs around the house in panic and grabs random ridiculous things that he finds maybe of help for his protection. Whilst searching, he gets more and more paranoid at himself for not being prepared in the first place but does things at the last minute.

3.       An advertisement on TV (the classic black and white TV) promoting about bomb threat protection in a “generation game” style. The items are shown on a conveyor belt are within the time period (1945-1960) in front of a 50’s character which the character has to choose the items that can “maybe of use” in terms of protection. This can include ridiculous things such as a hairnet protecting another hairnet, etc. (Dialogue is spoken similar to Pleasantville).

4.       A 1950’s comic strip showing a group of kids interacting with another talking about bombs. They talk about the weirdest ideas of protection and one kid becomes paranoid as he tries to argue with the facts of history and leaves.

5.       A how not to fail at bomb protection video (in a narrative style like the “How to” films with Goofy) which sees a narrator explaining about how to get protected as we see a character goes through ridiculous items to “be protected” until he gets it right.

6.       A group of kids are watching TV, suddenly the area surrounding them turns black and white as they are taken into the world where they are minutes away from a bomb explosion and must find ways to protect themselves. Some become hysterical, some calm, some just went crazy. Some use proper things to protect themselves from the bomb, some don’t and use silly things. Just when the bomb explodes, everything turns white and they are taken back to their real world, back to when they were watching TV with the narrator commenting on a comical note.

7.       A depiction of “what if” aliens took over our world and humans are about to launch a bomb at them. Aliens begin their own military and the humans do so, but are scared of each other due to the shock and panic.

8.       People are enjoying their happy “perfect” world until several “new technology” items begins to appear, this causes the society to begin to have a mixture of emotions like, scared, paranoia and anger. The fear caused makes them too cautious of things, even to go as far as being scared of each other, shadows and even their everyday objects.

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