Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Character Design Project: Story Synopsis draft 1

For many years, the Vikings believed that the Giants roamed the earth. Later, a group came along and considered themselves to be “The Vanir Gods”, making the people of earth believe them to be their high and mighty Gods as well as their ancestors.  The Vanir Gods treated the people well, until the people began to realize that more and more of their kind began to disappear. The Vanir Gods hide every possible ways on the disappearances, so Odin, one of the strongest people found out the reason of their people’s disappearances. He found that the Gods that they worshiped and had cared for so long were in fact Aliens after seeing strange technology the people had never seen before. The people of earth waged a war lead by Odin against The Vanir Gods, avenging those that went missing. In the end, the people of Earth won and the Aliens defeated and later left the planet. Odin became hailed by the people as their new God and the people of earth in this era became known as The Aesir Gods.

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