Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 1

To start things off, we've to "free" ourselves and go with our own style to do some character drawing practice. From random I was given a "mutant surfer" to draw, at first this reminded me of my first project last year involving hybrids and adaptations. So for this, I thought of an amphibious humanoid- surfing. (first image left). Based on Justin's feedback, the mutant should have something that would make it noticeable that it is a mutant surfing, so I ended coming up with a female surfer mutant (right). I also thought of ways of how the face should look to suit a watery environment.

Next, we did the same thing, only this time I got a "Killer Secret Agent", which in Justin's terms "A killer James Bond" style. It was also said that to even free ourselves more, we should draw some thing opposite, like for me from serious characters, I should focus on drawing characters that would be suitable for a kiddie audience. The first drawing I did for this was on the top left, I was advised that with kids audience, the characters should be more simplistic and basic. As a result, I've drawn the remaining three characters (personally I like the little guy with the knife!). I'm really happy with today's lesson and can't wait for next week!! ^_^

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