Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 2

Today, we focused on shapes and their meanings behind them like super heroes would mostly be comprised of squares to show power and dominance whereas friendly would be more round shapes and finer lines. To start things off, we've been given a character and we can either make it more evil/ friendly or even superhero kind. I've got Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, since the character is evil and is mostly made up of triangles, I recreated him in superhero and in friendly gentle giant style. 

Next, we did the same thing again only with a different character and instead of shapes, we're to recreate it in a more simpler tone and in a more realistic way. This time I had Danger Mouse,  from the Danger Mouse shows, recreating him simpler was quite tricky at first as he was already in its simplest form, but I've to simple him more down to the style of Hello Kitty. As with recreating him in a more realistic tone, I could've made him more realistic but ran out of time.

I've also asked for more advice on creating my Alien Viking, at the minute these images look too generic and not viking-like so Justin suggested that I have a look at viking tales and dragons to see if I can think of a story and build my character.

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