Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 3

Today, following up from last week's tutorial on basic body shapes we followed the same idea only this time learning about the character including joints from scratch. This is hugely important when creating characters, similar to rigging. So to start things off, we randomly picked a character (I ended up with Danger Mouse again- but I like him!) and try to figure out the basic body proportions and joints made up of circles. Probably from last week's lesson on Danger Mouse it was quite simple for me to work out where things are, so just for fun I've played around with shapes of the body, making Danger Mouse short, skinny, feminine or even baby. 

Next, using the same idea we've to recreate a distinct character based on what we get. I've got a wizard so I tried to keep the costume simple: A wizard hat, wand, coat, pants and shoes. I felt drawing a baby version of this was very fun especially with its over sized hats. 

I've also asked Justin on some advice in terms of my story. It turned out that from my previous post, the idea of two version of Norse Gods, the Vanirs Gods are  aliens which have roamed the earth as “the ancestors and higher people” until the Aesir came (the proper Gods that we all know), and a battle rages between the two clans until one wins. Though the story still needs some re tweaking  I can start on the character shapes!! ^_^ Also before the lesson, I've thought about the viking costume and everything but this was just a small idea.

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