Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission: Pre-Viz

Here is my completed pre-viz with music along with narration by Jane Farnham (Thank You!!). Apologies this pre-viz is only just uploaded at the last minute, I haven't been able to add in special effects but they'll definitely appear in the final animation but please let me know what yous think!! ^_^


  1. Hey Jojo - watch your sound mix - I can hardly hear the Voice over - you should prioritise the voice over the music in the mix...

  2. Hi JoJo - spoke to Alan tonight and he said you weren't having a happy time of it tonight in terms of copying your files over in readiness to work on your final film tonight. I'm sure you must be stressed, but if you need a bit more time in the morning to get your stuff sorted then you should take it - I know that you've been working really hard for the past five weeks and I'm happy to support you in this respect :) I'll see you in the morning. Take it easy.

    1. Hi Phil, I'll be fine as long as I'm having caffeine!! No worries, I'll try and be in early to get the rest of the missing files sorted!! See you in the morning!! :D