Monday, 28 May 2012

1 becomes 2 Summer Project: Let the fun start!!

Two weeks ago, during our fourth week of the Commission unit, we were given a brief on what this summer project might have in store for us especially with the dreaded blue box. This time, only given a short piece of music we would have to "interpret" this into a animation sequence. This can be in a range of art styles from Norman McLaren's work to Fantasia style.
So picking out from the box, I've picked out "Soundscape 3". This is quite an interesting piece after hearing it during the preview in the brief. Sounding quite exotic, it reminds me of aboriginal tribes with their bright colours.

Here's Soundscape 3's piece

After hearing this piece, I thoguth it would be a good idea to post up some videos of what this music piece reminds me of.

The beginning of the piece strongly reminds me of the music from The Lion King- Be Prepared

The vibrant strong coloured tikki masks from The Princess and the Frog

I could see this being in the style of Norman McLaren with the lines/ shapes forming tikki style.

Something like this (where shapes pop up at random) :

and this (the border and the tikki statue design style) :

Though its early stages but these are just first thought initial ideas!

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