Thursday, 3 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Cancer Colour test sheet

I love this bit!! ^_^ Playing around with colours to find one that would become the opposite of the normal cells. I have made different sizes of the nuclei for several designs. I've played the colours around, from pale, dull and vibrant colours to see would there be one that would suit. I've also tried inverting the normal cell's colour pallete only to end up looking like number 15. So far I am liking numbers 2, 12. 18 and 19.

And here's a reminder of how the normal cell looks:


  1. Oh bless your little cancer cell, he looks like a depressed squid!
    I like 10,11,22, and 24, just becasue they are a bit more "meaty".
    Its difficult because I think everyone has their own preconcieved idea as to what a cancer cell would look like re dead colours, angry colours, ill colours etc.

  2. i like 18 and 20 - but particularly 20 - still has a tonal relationship to the healthy cell.

  3. oh and the blog title... much better :)

  4. 1,2,20 and 22 for me! these are really good! and i love the laid back look your good cell has :) very charming and cute!

  5. Hehe Thanks everyone!! Yup I agree Chrissie, its interesting to see peoples ideas and opinions! But I just feel that there needs to be a colour opposite to the normal cell, being dull and in some groggy colour. But yeah, interesting to see what others think!! :D