Saturday, 19 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission: Minor changes to cells update

Here is the latest update to the characters. I've tweaked around the colours and desaturated the cancer cell slightly to give off the sickly look. I've also re-sized the cancer cell to keep in shape with the normal one, but made the small feature slightly smaller. I've also played around with the lighting and turning the ray tracing on or off but the results of this didn't look too satisfying. So in the end, I've kept the ambient light on but turned the ray tracing off (as the reflections made the overall look weird) and another without the ambient light or ray tracing on. Personally I like the second image as it suites the idea of cartoon world but with the first image it gives the solidness of the character. Would really appreciate to choose to either go with the first image or the second!!

Without ambient light or ray tracing  
With ambient light on but ray tracing off
With ray tracing on but no light


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