Monday, 14 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission: Maya Normal Cell update

Here I have updated the look of the normal cell, adding a mouth and slightly changing the baby blue nucleus to a slightly more purple colour just to match the turnaround palatte. Strangley when rendering them, the colour appears to be more different compared to the making version but hopefully with a few more fix changes I could get the character to look more like the screen grab.

Screen grab version

Rendered version


  1. looking very cute! I would say though, just my personnel taste but, the background in the 2nd image...I very do no like it. It seems you have a nice clean and smooth cell, then just a really dirty ( very static) looking background and it just for me seems a bit of a clash?

    1. thanks!!

      Umm... me do not understand!! personnel taste? very do no like it?? :S

      With the cells its just a matter of fixing them to look like the first image because the second one's the render version. :)