Thursday, 17 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission: Cancer Cell complete!!

After many days of working with the cancer cell, its now complete!! At first, with the last post being the near complete- cancer cell I'd then realized that it was much far from complete after being told that it was messed up in most places!! But thankfully after some clearing and fixing this big one is now completed!! Unfortunately the downside to this is that the legs cannot be joined to the head due to the way the character was built but this can be sort of blended together using shaders. With the help from Alan, the cancerous cell can have this jelly-like look to it as well as blending with the legs and showing the nucleus at the same time. So here's the latest rendered image of the cancer cell along with the playblast video of the cancer cell in motion! ^_^
with ambient light added

Without light


Playblast video! :D