Thursday, 24 April 2014

Major Project: Sea Mink Run Cycle Update

Its been a long process of refining this little guy's run cycle. I've had a look at its modern day relatives such as the ferret, mink, weasels and bobcats but there aren't many footages of the animal out there running directly from the front or from the side. I've also had a look at a cat's run cycle too as a bit of reference. The major improvement compared to its old version is the clunkiness and 'popping' which looked unnatural and a bit too robotic. I've also changed the timing of the legs a bit, rather than having the legs step off and land on the left leg first, the legs alternate between left and right instead. So here it is the finalized Mink's run cycle!! ^_^ Also included the background for a bit of depth. :D


  1. I feel this calls for champagne in its self! :D Well done for sticking with it to get it right :) really worth it!