Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 19

Going back to classic life drawing this time, moving on from structural still life. We've had model, Janet today and the main focus of the day is drawing out dynamics and weight. To begin the lesson, we've had six quick sketches lasting around 5 mins each. For me I wanted to explore other methods of drawing the figure as well as wanting to be more expressive, so to start, I've drawn these in chalk pastel and pencil.

Next, we've had another set of quick poses lasting around 3 mins each. I've attempted to add in more weight and shadows this time using charcoal. I'm really happy how this piece turned out! :D

Focusing on key framing and movement, this set lasted around 1 min each, using the chalk pastel again, I aimed to focus on tonal shapes which works in some places.

To finish up for the day, still concentrating on weights and gravity, we've been given 30 mins to draw Janet. Because of the angle, I've also had the opportunity to improve on foreshortening. This piece consists of using chalk pastels. :D


  1. Well done! : D I really like last two pieces!

  2. I rlly like the 2nd sheet !! very expressionistic :D