Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Major Project: Museum Animal Extras

For the last couple of days, I've decided to re-model my extra cahracters that would appear in the museum in the animation. Originally made in Mudbox but this proved some difficulty in cleaning up the edgeflows of the models when transferred to Maya. The only model worked throughout the process was the bird model, Guadalupe Caracara. So only using the quadruped torso, I've remodelled the extra characters. Happy to say Im really happy how the Deinotherium, a relative of the elephant, has turned out as making it was a bit tricky. I've also included other animals like the Hokkaido wolf (appeared in one of the early character development thumbnails), Morant's Blue butterfly, Mbashe River Buff butterfly and the Black Siberian Hare, a relative of the rabbits. :D
The extra animals
Hokkaido Wolf
Black Siberian Hare
Guadalupe Caracara
Left: Morant's Blue butterfly, Right: Mbashe River Buff butterfly

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