Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Major Project: Museum Sequence Colour tests

The final shot takes place in the museum, depicted in grey scale. I'm trying to figure out whether the extra cast of animals should have a greyed textures applied onto them or have them as a plain grey shaders applied. Versions 4 and 5 appeal to me the most.

Version 1 (Original plinth colour)
Version 2 (Plinth colour change)
Version 3 (extras textures applied)
Version 4 Version 4 (Changed wolf, deinotherium and hare's tones)
Version 5 (Darkened the flooring to contrast with the plinth)


  1. Hey Joey - yes, it's the later images that feel more impactful; one question though - is it your intention to have those grey walls on either side? I just always sort of imagined this space as a 'white space' - i.e no clear demarcation of the actual physical space at all - except for the plinths, but basically a white non-space. It's very clearly a museum because of the stuffed animals. I understand that not having any walls creates a problem in terms of your butterflies, but not if you had your butterflies in a glass topped cabinet at the front of the exhibits; such as

    Try it as a non-walled space, jojo - with just white, soft-box style lighting and a free-standing glass-topped butterfly cabinet at the front of the exhibit.

    1. Thanks Phil, the walls are set to white, but due to lighting it makes the side look more grey. I've tried changing the lights and adding some but this made it either too flushed out or too dark. I'll have a go at making the glass cabinet and the soft box lighting. :D