Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 20

This week, our theme is referencing practice. This meant that we could use this time to focus on a particular aspect of our choice. For me, my aim was to continue experimenting with styles as well as try to cover different areas of focus.

As a warm up, we are to draw full body sketches each pose lasting around 5 mins each. I've played around with coloured pastels and also tried to make quick studies with some spare seconds/mins.

Using model Alan, the next piece is slightly more longer than the warm up, lasting for about 10 mins. We are to draw the full body first before making further close up studies. I'm quite happy with the way the full body sketch turned out by experimenting with styles.

This piece again, was done in 10mins using compressed charcoal, pencil and coloured pastels. My aim for this piece was to depict emotion by using continuous lines and compressed charcoal for highlights.

Extending the long poses to 15 mins, I felt the previous image wasn't exactly showing much emotion so I've tried it again, only changing the styles up a bit. Using the same materials as the previous image, I'm really happy to see the way it turned out! ^_^

Lastly to wrap things up, this piece was more style experiments packed into one image. This lasted for around 15 mins, using the same materials previously. :D 

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