Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 8

Today we've taken on a different approach in our class, we've been put into groups and working in a team we've to create a character design using what we've learnt from the past few weeks for a pitch by the end of the day. Justin gets to be our client and our task is to draw up some character designs for a children's cartoon series, "Jetpack Jones". The cartoon is set in the 1940's style and is set in a action-adventure genre aimed at 11-12 years. Along with Chrissie and Ernesta and Kadeem (who later "went to work for our company instead") we've became "Creation Station" for the day. Not only that we had to work on characters, after experiencing multiple "phone calls and e-mails", changes were made on the characters, storyline, adding in an extra prop and even creating a logo.

I focused on drawing on the main hero, Jetpack Jones who is a space galactic aviator hero who is never far away from his mark 7 pistol and wears a rocket pack. I decided to look at some olden aviator costumes as well as looking at galactic clothing. I imagined Jetpack Jones as a young hero, similar to Flynn Rider. So for his costume, his jacket design is based on a pair of wings, representing flight and his aviator role. I've also added in a scarf that hangs out from his jacket, for a bit of space- galactic style I've added in some arm and leg padding with the trousers slightly flare out at the bottom with the shoes in a space- shoe style. As for his rocket pack, it was also based on the wings idea but spaced-it up, as for the gun it was a simple space galactic design that just came into my head.

Just when we began our pitch, we've came up a character height sheet of the characters in the series. I've also decided to draw all the finalised design on a new page with things that would be most important to the pitch. All went pretty good as all teams had their good and bad points but we've been told that from what happened today is an example of what its like working for a client with sudden changes and pitch.

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