Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 7

Today we've began to look at animals and how to create monsters. We've learnt that animals share the same anatomic structure as humans only at times the placement of the arms, hands and feet are slightly different to the humans. This also helps us knowing the anatomy of animals, so to start the day off we've picked an image of an animal and try to shapen out the basic anatomy form of it. I've chosen a lion as a challenge for myself due to the angle its set in and how most of its mane covers the body. I'm quite proud of it even though the reference image had its back legs "cut out" but I've just guessed where they could've been. The shoulders needs some working on as drawn out by Justin. Ive went onto more experimenting with other animals like horse, eagle, rabbit and an otter. I've also inverted the colours in the images to make it a bit easier.

Next, we've been given a terrain and note down as many animals that live in that terrain to come up with a creature that would be adapted to this nature. I've got the jungle and as you can see I've noted as many animals that lives in the jungle on the left. I've decided to go for a predator like creature, therefore combining a tiger, gorilla/ bear and a crocodile. The first thumbnail made for this is shown on the top right, it was noted by Justin that it looked too tiger and that the combination isn't blended in well. I've tried developing it this time, as shown in the middle of the page, changing the shape of the head slightly and made the reptilian scales flow through the body and exaggerated on some parts of the body mainly in the torso area. I enjoyed today's lesson since not only we've get to design creatures but it has also given me some ideas on how to develop my dragon sidekick. ^_^

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