Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 5

Today we've been focusing on body language. To start things off, we have to draw the simplest stick figure using the Line of action as a guide to show how the body moves with the spine and how these basic figures show postures. We were split into two groups and two people from each group would draw out a scene from the box and make a freeze frame out of it. The other people would have to draw out these postures within 2-3 mins.

Later, we've been given different famous cartoon characters and have to draw them in different postures. I've got the Hulk and so I've mainly played around with the idea of him being sad/ slumped. I've then developed them forming out the body structures and muscles on the bottom middle and right of the page. My personal favourite would be the K.O'ed Hulk slumped on the floor on the bottom right.

Using the same character, we've learnt about different facial expressions and the muscles that would be used in them. I've experimented different faical expressions on the Hulk, althougth he looks a bit square it was noted that he should have a wider lower jaw.

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