Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Character Design Project: Class Week 6

  Today based on last week's lesson, we've focused on the use of silhouettes. The idea of this is to create something interesting using these silhouettes, adding shapes or curves into them. Originally they're to look humanoid but once we've got the grips of this, I've explored other areas too such as focusing in more curves to make the body more flow-like as seen in the second image. From these set, we've to choose a silhouette to focus on and begin to give details.

I've chosen the winged creature from the top left of the second image. First, I've focused on the body shapes before changing the the pose to a full front rather than the side. I've then added some details in before being noted about how the wings should work since I was working on them without any reference (As shown by Justin next to the right wing!). Just for a fun thing, I've played around with the facial expression from serious to its "ha ha funny" face.

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