Monday, 12 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment- first set thumbnails 1-18

thumbnails 1-9
Thumbnails 1-9 coloured

thumbnails 10-18

thumbnails 10-18 coloured

Here are some thumbnails based on my influence maps so far. I thought about creating a building that seemed to be in a natural disaster while its surroundings are left untouched in thumbs 3,5,9. thumbnail 2 was my favourite at the time as it is basically some plastic seats inside an aeroplane but this didn't quite go well with the Uncanny idea. Number 4 is looking inside a toyshop where toys come alive. Number 7 is based on the sick girl's room in "Sixth Sense" only this time the perspective is from her bed and in front of her bed is a mirror going by traditional saying "don't put a mirror in front of your bed" as this can attract the bad spirits along with scary toys/ objects surrounding the mirror. Number 8 is of a room only the hatstands shadow becomes scary.

From thumbs 10-18, most of them is focusing on dark hallways or long distances and the use of mirrors or picture paintings. So far with this set I'm liking 10 and 12 as it shows depth and with 16 as well only the distance is reflected off a mirror.


  1. Like these :). 10, 12 and 16 like you said show depth and you could easily make this uncanny :). Though I do like number 17 as country roads can be rather uncanny in a sense that there are fewer cars and people around.

  2. Great job Joey! My favourite one so far is the shops and street lamp (9), but I think the perspective is stronger 10 and 12.