Thursday, 15 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment- 2 more photoshop thumbnails

Just did some random photoshop thumbnails in different levels and styles. The top being German Epxressionistic and the bottom is quite similar. I chose the purple colours to give some strangeness into it.


  1. I'm liking these and think it's great to use a range of influences - however I think you could use a range of objects within the space to create the uncanny effect. For example mirrors, portraits, old photographs etc

  2. Like the angle on the second one :). Tilted screen gives a threatning feel to the scene :)

  3. Yes - I like the 2nd thumbnail - but just be conscious of the fact that too much stylisation in this context might prevent the uncanny effect, because it won't be 'our world' anymore. But it's good to see you limbering up a bit. More please :)