Sunday, 4 December 2011

Maya: Hotel Scenes, textures- All Done!!

Finally, fixing all the textures and adding new scenery props I've managed to complete this mini project. I've also found out how to create the sky which with some tweaking with the lights and tones makes it look well when its rendered. I did had trouble between renders as there are some windows might have not joined up well with the UV maps and then I've realised that the windows weren't properly aligned to the wall itself! I've also added some texture on the roof which the shadows show the shape of each tile which I think works well. So adding cars, streets, lamps and trees this scene is officially complete!! ^_^

Final Image

Before: the window problem
Changed the sky a little, problem with windows again and the walls on the right


Final: windows,walls, UV texture, sky fixed, added car. set in slightly different camera view


  1. Thank yous!! So glad its finally finished! Huzzah!! \(^∀^)/

  2. Congratulations, Jojo!!!! A mighty effort!

  3. Yep - nice render, Joey. Well done for finishing all of it.