Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Life Drawing Class: Week 12

Well today, like last week we're concentrating on tones. To start things off again we did some quick one to two minute warm ups.

 Then we begin to focus on the tones using charcoal but only this time we're restricted to only draw tones first rather than lines as this can also help us with judging the placement of things. This I find quite hard to grasp but was really Happy with the outcome of this piece especially the rim lighting on the lower left of the image.

Next we did some quick sketches again only changing from 1 min to 15 seconds. It wasn't too bad though I did feel that I'm somehow stuck to a certain style in drawing these sketches so Tutor Chris advised me not to go for a "sketchy lined" drawing but to go for a more rhythmical and flowing image that need more curves and be loose with them. This was extremely hard for me as I haven't done this kind of thing in ages so it did kill a lot of time drawing them compared to the "sketchy lines".

This time we could draw the next image in any style so thinking back to the idea of curves, I felt that I should concentrate on it more. It was frustrating me as I tried to restrict myself with the amount of erasing lines and when drawing curves, the proportions go very bad. Tutor Chris mentioned that I should exaggerate these curves so using tone I thought I can make the outlines exaggerated which I felt works well. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to work on the face and chair which looks incomplete.

For the last 10 mins of the lesson we used the method that we've used for the last image and use them on this image which by then we should've got used to the method and can quicken the pace. I still couldn't quite get the hang of the curves so I've left the mistakes on the page as a "reminder" for me when drawing the scale and curves. Again without much time the image is incomplete with only the body in bits of charcoal.

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