Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Life Drawing: Week 7

Today's life drawing class we were using colours as the main media whilst using negative spaces as a guide to drawing. As a startup, we are to use any kind of colours but to focus on the light and dark tones on model, Jane for each 1-2 minute poses. I've chosen to use four oil pastels going from yellow as the lightest tone down to orange, red and purple for the dark.

After our warm up, we are to use acrylic paints and block out negative shapes from the background. I've only used red, yellow and blue colours before mixing them up as I paint. It was pretty interesting to paint as I was more concentrating on painting tones and replacing them with colours from my paint palette. The result of this kind of work.

As part of the challenge on focusing and painting negative shapes, we are to paint the scenery including Jane lying down. Using the same method from earlier, this was a little tricky as I haven't done foreshortening in a while but was really happy that it still showed Jane lying down. I'm really happy with this piece!! :D

To finish up the lesson, we've been given a challenge of drawing various poses of Jane ranging from 30 secs to 1 or 2 minutes. Before the challenge began, I thought it would be interesting to bring oil pastel over paints and see the results. Using a purple oil pastel, turns out they looked great! :D

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