Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Life Drawing Class: Week 8

Today's lesson is the last one before Christmas, we're continuing on tones with the use of coloured media but more focus into hands and feet. We've started the lesson with 2 minute poses of model Alan, focusing on light and shadows. For this piece I've used mainly pigment inks and a black oil pastel.

Our next activity is to concentrate on the light and shadows in each 1 minute poses. I mainly drew this as line art, dark colours for dark tones and light for light tones. 

For the next part, we are to focus on detailed areas in particular the head, hands and feet for 10-20 minutes. I've experiemented the colours a bit using the red ink as my background before using shades of blue, purple, orange and red for tones. I haven't practiced drawing hands and feet for a while but it was great! I've remembered Photoshop Phil's advice on drawing hands and have attempted this on this piece. With a few minutes remainging, I've added some yellow ink onto the lighter areas of each subject but it still turns into orange! :D

For the remainder of the lesson, we did the same challenge again. This time I've used yellow and purple oil pastels to draw out Alan and later adding some yellow/orange and blue ink to add more tones. Unfortunately I got carried away and ran out of time to add more studies onto the yellow-orange and blue strip, but it was fun!! ^_^


  1. saw this - thought of you! :)

    1. Wow!! Thanks Phil!! ^_^ This will definitely come in handy!! :D