Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Life Drawing: Week 5

This week's life drawing we are introduced into using negative space.  The idea of this is to visualise both foreground and background as separate silhouettes only things or people that are in the foreground are "positive space" and things that we use less focus on in the background are "negative space". To start us off and loosen up, we did a five minute sketch of model Jane, focusing on tones.

Next, we've started to focus on drawing negative space using charcoal. At first, I've started blocking out the shapes from the outside but then gradually ended up adding detail on the inside as well as time went!

We did some minute sketches of Jane in various poses, this time I've tried to improve in drawing negative space. Rather than focusing on the figure, I've attempted to just draw the dark shading even if proportions have gone slightly wrong. As you can see below, it did work near the end. :D

 Next, still focusing on negative spaces, we've been challenged to try and draw the tones without having to lift our pencil. This was quite fun to do as it kind of reminded me about my old primary school teacher used to tell the class "taking your pencil out for a walk" when it comes to drawing. I mainly focused on shaping out the tones as separate shapes before refining them using a rubber and charcoal for stronger tones. This piece lasted fifteen minutes.

Finally to wrap things up, we've did the same thing again, using whatever medium we liked. Again, I've concentrated on shaping out the tones as shapes first before connecting them up into a figure. I was quite inspired to do this style this time after looking through some anatomy books, I'm really happy with the result! :D Again this piece took fifteen minutes to complete.

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