Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Life Drawing: Week 6

Continuing on from where we've left off last week on negative spaces, we've started off the lesson with some 5 minute loose warm up sketches with a male model. The first set of drawings were done with a mixture of pencil and charcoal.

Next, looking at negative spaces, our model posed in front of an installation where we are to focus on the background instead of the model. The challenge for this piece was to never lift the pencil off from the paper. I did a quick draw of this before highlighting them using a compressed charcoal and charcoal stick later. This piece was done in 20 mins.

Before taking a break we did some quick poses for 1 min with our model using a stick prop. I mainly used charcoal stick and pencil for this piece.

To finish up with the lesson, after looking at some artist influences from Vicky, we did the same challenge again from our second piece. This was to concentrate on the negative spaces and improving this using the feedback that we've got earlier. My aim for this piece was to make the background look more shape like without any tones except the front. To separate the background objects in terms of distance and materials, I've highlighted this using a compressed charcoal, leaving white spaces as the furthest subjects and using black charcoal to create space. I'm happy with the result of this as the model in the image is separated from the rest of the image :D This piece was done in 20-25 mins.