Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Minor Project: Mink Character Rigged and Skinned!!- Test

It's taken a while but after following tutorials on rigging quadrupeds, a ribbon spine and some humanoid leg joints, the mink is finally rigged!! Rigging this fella was a tad tricky as the limbs worked more like a humans and the spine was slightly more different to making a quadruped's spine. I've taken onboard some pointers from Ethan Shilling, a post-graduate student renowned on advanced rig and maya, on how the rig looks and testing things as I go along. With this in mind, I skinned tested the character a few times to the point that I'm happy with how it looks. The skinning still needs some cleaning up, but I'm too excited in seeing the little guy move that I wanted to animate him for a bit!!

Rendered Pose Image

Side- in original position

The rig

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