Thursday, 22 September 2011

Summer project design: refined

Since my internet's fixed, I can now upload the refined final images design. I have designed these using the graphics tablet and Photoshop.

The building structure was done using various paintbrush styles and experimentations with them. I've decided to use wood as it would suit well with the design
Structure Design

The Machinery robot design was added with pink and purple tones to give it the female charcter.The use of grey tones was also to give the character some "robotic"look to it. 
Machinery robot design
Living form design
The living form design was my best out of all the designs, I've experimented on whether to give the design some feathers but felt that it would be better off without them. I've also felt that either blues, greys or white colours would give the character to suit its natural sky surroundings.

Here are the other images that didn't quite make it to the final ideas:

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