Monday, 26 September 2011

Life Drawing class- First Week!!

 First day of Life Drawing class was awesome!! I was nervous yet excited at start as I never had any previous experience in doing this kind of stuff and was looking forward to this new thing. But the whole "naked" idea is also what made me nervous,but listening to my flatmates' experience and tips helped me lessen the nerves such as focusing on the body shapes than other bits and bobs.

So the first drawing of the model from the side was quite good, apart from the small feet which was really hard to grasp (especially the foot on the right) due to the angles. I was quite pleased with the timing for that session as it was enough for me to draw the shape and do some last minute shading in for tones.

The second image is of classmate Freddie done for 25mins.
The face and head is something that I think I would've worked on more. This time drawing was a bit more easier because of the creases of the clothing material and the fact that he's wearing clothes. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get the chance to finish the bristles on the broom so it kind of looks "bristle less".

The third is of the same model from the first image but is sitting on the bench. At that point, I think that I am beginning to get the hang of drawing naked people. Though I find it hard to get the body shape right as the model is sitting down with some parts of the bench in front of her. Getting the right body shape and doing it lightly took a lot of time that I didn't get the chance to add in some tones.

Anyway, it was really good for first day and first go, but my drawings aren't dark enough on the tones which is something that I should really improve on due to the fear of going back to my old ways. Hopefully with more practice, I will get better as time goes on. (^_^)/b


  1. Hi! Im Ruben, a 3rd year on your course. You may remember me for the presentations on friday before university actually started.

    Great that you are embracing blogging and with great critical reviews. Keep up and surely get some drawings up.

    good luck for the unit!

  2. Hi Joey :D. My name's Charlotte and Phil's put me in charge of keeping an eye on you

    As is the idea, if you have any questions or issues etc then you can give me a shout either via your blog or come find me in the base room (I'm in pretty much all day everyday). Or you can also make a comment on my blog to

    Just in-case of confusion 'Lev' is a nickname which some people call me by, so feel free to call me Lev or Charlotte, which ever comes to your mind first :). I look forward to getting to know you.