Monday, 12 September 2011

101 concept designs-living forms and machinery

This group I personally think is my strongest of all, as the living form is based on some parts of the ornament vase along with the lines and textures, giving it a seal/ bird hybrid. At first, the machinery was quite difficult to come up ideas until I looked at some of my other ideas of machinery upside down and decided to transform it into a humanoid form. Its based on a light bulb and engine parts.


  1. Hey Joey, I like the shrimp-come-bird on the top left - reminds me of these somehow!

    Just watch your typos when you blog before you press 'publish' - notice you've got *conccepts* instead of 'concepts' - just pop in an edit your title and always give your work a jolly good proof read before 'going public' - it's a very good habit to develop!

  2. Hi Joey, I'm Ollie, a first year who got it wrong the last time around ;) I like your drawing style! Very clean and almost totem/tribal in design; especially the bird.

    Anyhow, just popping by to say hi! I'll be knocking about in your classes in the next unit