Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 14

Today's lesson in life drawing, we are focusing on foreshortening, seeing things which we believe is closer than it really is or is having less depth as a result of perception, like an illusion. Using Alan as our model for this week, we've started things off by drawing quick poses of Alan in three minutes each using our choice of media. I've decided to use charcoal today rather than the usual pencil today. :)

We've then dived into drawing foreshortening for the next part. Again, we have our own choice of media to use, I've opted for charcoal again this time to get more of the tones drawn out. This piece was done between 20-25 mins.

For extra practice, we've done the same activity again. This time round, I've attempted to draw in a continuous line in some areas, notably the head and shoulders before adding in the tones using charcoal again as my main media focus. Again, this piece was made between 20- 25 mins. I'm really happy with the results of both pieces as its been a long while since I've drawn fore shortening. :D

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