Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 12

Moving on from keyframed poses, this week we are focusing on light and dark. To start things off we did some quick sketches for warm ups each pose lasting for 5 mins. 

Next concentrating on light and using dark paper as a tool for the darker shade, we are to focus on a specific area of our choosing. I've used a white chalk to draw out the lighter toned details of model, Alan's face as it contained more details than elsewhere. This took roughly 20 mins.

This was the same, only this time I've included some extra colours to create some space, this again took 20 mins.

For the next exercise, we are to draw out the light areas on Alan's body as he quickly poses for 3 mins each. 

Lastly, looking back on last week's lesson, we are to draw out quick keyframe poses of Alan within 2 mins each. As you can see I got carried away with the light and dark using only two colours to represent light and dark!