Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project: Ideas

After having a discussion with TutorPhil, I've thought about creating a short animation based on extinct wildlife animals and make awareness of this. I've been looking at some charity campaign animations to help develop some ideas. Here's some of the ideas that I've came up with:
  • A  food chain where one animal gets eaten by another larger animal, which then gets eaten by another larger animal and gets eaten again by another,which until then visualizes from its eyes that humans take advantage of that animal's nature (ie, elephant gets taken advantage because of its ivory tusks)
  • The animals are stylized as origami models which the paper "folds" itself to become the specific animal.
  • Animals are represented by a material that would become the cause of their deaths. 
  • Animals that forms a tree which then gets cut by humans and is left with a footprint/ tree stump.
  • A story of 2 animals who together tries to overcome the harsh life of survival.
More ideas to follow!

The videos below are something I found interesting, showing connection between animals and humans.

The MIDWAY trailer is something I've happen to stumble across which documents what could be found inside animals mainly birds that could be the reason for the cause of their deaths.

I've also looked at "Walking with Beasts" for some species that were completely wiped out many years ago.

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