Saturday, 10 August 2013

Speed Painting Challenge 'What If?' Challenges 1-6

I've been away for a few days going on a trip but still try to keep up with the latest new speed painting challenges in between the travelling especially with its "what if's" twist. For the first few challenges I've drawn these in my sketchbook before heading back to using pen tablet for the other challenges. :D

Challenge 1: "What if Barbara Hepworth Designed A City?"

Challenge 2: "What If Gustave Klimt Designed An Airship?"

Challenge 3: "What If Alexander Calder Designed A Killing Machine?"

Challenge 4: "What If Pablo Picasso Designed A Theme Park?"

Challenge 5: "What If Henry Moore Designed Mecha?"

Challenge 6: "What If Joan Miró Designed A Fleet Of Spaceships?"

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