Monday, 24 September 2012

Narrative and Character: New Start

With the start of a new year and a new project, we have been put into groups. Along with me, Nat ( and Tom (, our studio team has to come up a narrative animation based on The Atomic Age (1945- 1960).

We've to come up a studio name, branding and our studio blog of its own which will hopefully be up within the next few weeks- watch this space!! :D


  1. And so begins the stressful second year :-). Narrative and Character. Like the studio name :D.

  2. Haha! Charlotte - that's the new unit title! :D
    Good luck Joey and co...good communication is the key (that and a lot of hard work!) :)

  3. Agreed! Hey Jojo - welcome back. Haven't actually seen you yet, but thanks for the toffees - Alan gave me some - very kind and thoughtful of you - as always!

  4. Oh yes, thanks Jackie, sorry I mis read that. Either way good luck joey.